Director: Stephen Wu

Orchestra Corda Spiritus

Orchestra Corda Spiritus

2016 Concert Series

Dear friends

Details of the 2016 concert series are now available.  See the Concerts tab for information.  It is a wonderful and varied programme again this year.

Three concerts are locked-in.  A fourth - at a winery (!) - as well as the traditional end of year Chamber Music event are in the planning stages and details will soon be announced here.  

We are looking forward - as always - to seeing you in 2016; and thank you for your continued and wonderful support.

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“We aim to bring together musicians and music making of the highest possible calibre - by people who are on top of their game as professionals, playing the music which they love.  This also gives younger players a way of learning from players with decades of experience whilst bringing their own vitality and youthful enthusiasm.”
Stephen Wu New